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Marcy Nickerson, NCTMB

Marcy has combined her education and experience as a Core Energetic Facilitator, a Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner & Integrated Kabbalistic  Healing, a National Certified Massage Therapist and a Certified Life Path Facilitator to help guide her clients in their journey for personal growth and more pleasurable and fulfilling lives.  Her hands-on bodywork aids in healing her clients bodies, minds and spirits. 

 Core Energetics Therapist - Body-Oriented Psycho-Spiritual Counselor, Graduate of the Institute of Core Enegetics Institute in New York City. 

 Energy Therapy Practitioner - Certified in Healing Science, Barbara Brennan School of HealingSchool of Enlightenment & Healing and Integrated Kabbalistic Healing.

 Massage Therapist National Certification - Stillpoint School for Therapeutic Massage

 Object Relations-Based Therapy - Center for Intentional Living Certification

Certified Life Path Facilitator

 Embodyoga for Beginners, RYT

Core Energetics -

Core Energetics is a body-centered psychotherapy that helps you learn how to live from your heart and your truth. Core work involves traditional talk therapy along with movement and breathing excercises that help you move energy that is stuck, so that you can access the feelings from your past that are held in your body. Core Energetics helps you to move beyond just talking about your issues by supporting you in feeling all of your emotions, from a grounded and supported place. The relationship you have with your Core therapist helps you feel safe to do this deep work. Core Energetics can be powerful; as a result, clients are able to transform their issues to become more aware of their truth, and feel pleasure and fulfillment. To learn more about Core and their training programs go to the Core Enegetics Institute.

Embodyoga™ -
Embodyoga is an innovative and exciting approach to the study of yoga. Steeped in ancient wisdom and informed by cutting-edge-study in the field of body-awareness, Embodyogaintroduces us to “embodied-inquiry” techniques that invite us deeper into ourselves.   To learn more, go to the 
Embodyoga website.




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